George, the propery manager. Let us help you rent commission free!
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New to St. Pete Beach? We can help!

By signing up today for $69.95 you get weekly checks on your home and included in the that price with 48 hour notice before you get into town we will:

· Turn on all appliances, water, air conditioning, ect.
Freshen up the house by dusting, changing the linens, put out patio furniture, etc.
Stock your fridge with any items you have requested.
  (grocery items and cleanings will be a separate charge)

And then after you leave we will:

Arrange a complete clean to be carried out including washing all linens.
Dispose of any perishable food items that have been left.
Bring in any patio furniture or items that could be hazardous should we have a storm.
Set the thermostat at the correct temperature.
Secure all windows and doors and set any alarms.

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“George has given us the piece of mind to enjoy our home and let him sort out any problems!”

“Our air conditioning went out in our home, had we not have had George, it could have cost us thousands in damage instead, it was caught, immediately and repaired. Thanks George!”

“I can’t get over the money George has saved us in rental commission, and the best thing is that we’ve never been so busy with our rentals and he handles any problems that occur, with George it really is just one phone call!


GEORGE The Property Manager 2006