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  George Provides Florida Home Caretaking for Managing Beachfront Rental and Vacation Homes, Condos and Apartments  
George Monthly Inspection Check List

  • Collect any mail, newspapers, etc. as specified by owners.
  • Check around all windows for any signs of water
  • Check the bottom of the walls in all rooms for signs of mold/mildew
  • Check around all corners of ceiling for signs of mold/mildew and water
  • If there is any appearance of mold, use equipment to determine severity of damage.
  • Check tile floors for cracks, or loose tiles - if tiles are loose check for water around the area.
  • Check the carpet for any signs of mold.  
  • Use equipment to check for any moisture in the carpet under windows, outside doors and near air conditioning units.
  • Check all furniture, for signs of damp and water.
  • Check for any broken items .
  • Check that the home is in the condition that the homeowner would normally leave it in.
  • Check to see if we feel that the home could do with a clean even if it just needs to be freshened up.
  • Check the Air conditioning unit.
  •               Does it need a new filter?
                  Is it working properly?   
                  Is there any signs of leaking?
  • Check under kitchen units and all bathrooms for any signs of leaks.
  • Check all kitchen appliances to assure they are working properly.
  • Check that nothing has been left in the fridge that could cause a problem, such as; milk, cheese, bread, etc.
  • Check for pests and any evidence of rodents.
  • Make sure all pictures are straight if not straighten them.
  • Turn off any electronics that have been left on to save electricity costs, unless owner states otherwise.
  • Make sure any special requests from the owner have been carried out.
  • Check that the balcony is clean and any furniture is ok. Bring in or put out furniture according to owners request.
  • Check all doors are locked
  • Check all windows are locked
  • Check that all lights are off unless otherwise specified by owner.
  • Turn off all ceiling fans unless otherwise specified by owner.
  • If the home is a house walk around the outside,
  • Check the windows for evidence of any attempts on forced entry.
  • Check the outside doors for the same thing
  • Check the outside of the house for signs of mold/mildew and use the equipment to determine if any further action needs to be taken.
  • Check the ground maintenance is being carried out properly.
  • Check the pool, if there is one, as per owners instructions, water levels, pumps running etc.

  • If anything is out of the ordinary contact the customer and take further instruction.

    GEORGE The Property Manager 2006