George, the propery manager. Let us help you rent commission free!
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New to St. Pete Beach? We can help!
Professional Home Care Management Company in Pinellas County, Florida offering a range of services for that ever increasing number of private individuals who own a condo or vacation home in the St. Pete Beach area - that either do not rent their home or rent themselves.

Our foremost aim is to make it easy for you to look after your second home.

After all, your real investment is not just in the bricks and mortar, but in yourselves and the lifestyle you enjoy from owning a place to escape to - so it makes perfect sense to have somebody take care of all the chores that can so quickly eat away at your leisure time.

What we are...
The easiest way to understand our services is to think of us as a friendly neighbor who can always count on when you are hundreds or even thousands of miles away - the guy who will pop around to check on things, the guy who can get things ready for you before you arrive and make sure everything is in order, leaving you free to enjoy your precious leisure time.


“George has given us the piece of mind to enjoy our home and let him sort out any problems!”

“Our air conditioning went out in our home, had we not have had George, it could have cost us thousands in damage instead, it was caught, immediately and repaired. Thanks George!”

“I can’t get over the money George has saved us in rental commission, and the best thing is that we’ve never been so busy with our rentals and he handles any problems that occur, with George it really is just one phone call!


GEORGE The Property Manager 2006